Hi! I'm

Tarik Kdiry.

software engineer. writer. wanna-be stylist.

I am a Software Engineer based out of Hoboken, NJ and operating globally from the New York City area.

Let's connect! While you're here, check out my blog!

about me.

As mentioned above, I'm a software engineer. I love writing code :)

Currently, I am a developer @MMC, where I try to find problems I can solve using React. When I'm not at the office, I look forward to building new things through my personal projects.

When I'm not behind a screen, I love to travel, watch movies, listen to/play music, learn new languages, etc. While I do try to pursue new interests, I try to incorporate writing into everything that I do.

With that, check out my blog where I try to regularly update you on any of my travels, fashion tidbits, coding, and everything in between.